Creative Consumer Contact

We Know Consumers!

The only company of its kind in Western Canada, Creative Consumer Contact knows consumers inside out. After nearly 30 years of talking and writing to consumers we know what they like, what they don’t like, how they cook, what they read, how they think and what turns them on!

Creative Consumer Contact provides a wide range of services for a number of clients in a number of different areas.  All our work is tailored specifically to the client’s needs – and firm management of personnel and budget produces a great result.

The common factor to all these services is our wide experience in dealing with consumers.   Over the years:

  • we have run test kitchens (providing original recipes, product testing, package copy, competitive testing and package design assistance)
  • we have communicated with our clients’ customers through mail, speeches, email and internet
  • we have travelled across Canada promoting client’s products via radio, TV and print media
  • we have provided qualitative research recruiting for clients conducting focus groups across Canada
  • we have moderated focus groups for both our food-oriented clients and other companies across Canada
  • we have provided copy and marketing direction for hundreds of consumer contests running throughout both Canada and the U.S.
  • and we have provided editorial content and food photography services for a number of magazines and cookbooks.

In short … we know consumers!

Call for a quote today- in any one of our business disciplines. 604-294-2422