Getting Around Vancouver

We’ve put together a few resources that will help you navigate the Olympics:The road closures have already begun. If you have to drive be sure to check for closures and restrictions ahead of time. Many of the major downtown routes will have Olympic Vehicles only lanes. You might decide to walk or take public transport instead!

Visit for road closures and parking restriction maps.

Want to share a ride? Find ride matches at

Buses, Sky Train and Sea Bus maps and schedules

Did you know the Olympic Line is FREE?
The Olympic Line connects Granville Island to the Canada Line Olympic Village Station (Cambie Street and West 2nd Avenue) between January 21 and March 21, 2010.
For more information on the Olympic Line CLICK HERE

From walking tours and routes, to a public art map and transportation routes for transport trucks, to a half dozen city maps of various kinds.  FIND THEM HERE

WHAT’S HAPPENING on and around the Olympics?

VANCOUVER2010.COM is the main website for the Olympics. You could spend hours on the site finding interesting stuff to do.

Information about the VENUES for both sporting and non-sporting events

Not interested in sports, or want a good dose of culture too? There is so much to do you’ll want to hire a social secretary. For your dose of culture CLICK HERE

Let’s not forget about RICHMOND and   WHISTLER

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