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Food Photography Services


We shoot all our food photographs on-site in a studio connected to one of our test kitchens. This means more space, equipment and staff can be devoted to each shot. As a result, we can shoot up to 10 food shots and 20 product shots per day…much more than in a photo studio with a small kitchen. More productive and less costly! We work with several photographers in Vancouver and will choose the one that fits your project best.

  • Ethnic
  • Elegant
  • Beautiful
  • Background and Vignettes
  • Seasonal
  • Editorial


Our team of photographers, food stylists, props specialists, and food editors work together to create beautiful layouts and spreads specific to our client's needs.

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Food Styling

Our styling philosophy is simple…it must look like the recipe and it must be cooked from the recipe. Apart from whole poultry, everything in our food shots is edible… no phoney foods! This gives the consumer a feeling of confidence that they too can produce the recipe without mistakes. Our stylists are trained Home Economists and Dietitians so they know food and how it reacts. This enables them to produce great end results with honesty of technique.

Prop Styling

We have lending and renting arrangements with many stores in Vancouver plus a huge prop cupboard of our own. So our stylists can produce any “look” you want for any food shot. Props can raise or lower the “level” of food photography; can make the customer want to make the recipe; can tell the consumer a lot about the company, the recipe or the product. Props are important and we take the time to choose items that will show off your food to the greatest extent possible. Our cupboard also supplies brick, marble, beach, grass and barn board backgrounds for any shot.


In addition to producing the actual editorial material, we can handle design, disc production, digital work, separations, stripping and final film production for any project – from magazines to brochures to labels to recipe tags. We also handle press-proofing (so we get up at 3:00 a.m. to stand at the end of the press while you sleep!) to produce for you a perfect finished product.