Research & Writing

Research and Writing

Before you can write successfully, you have to research your subject. All our food and travel articles are researched carefully before we put pen to paper…or finger to computer! All our interviews are taped and the writer has visited/eaten/seen or experienced everything discussed in our articles. All expenses for both food and travel articles are paid for – no freebies allowed! So the articles are genuine and believable. Magazines are our specialty but we also write brochures, booklets, package copy and promotional copy.


Editing is as much a managerial function as a grammatical one. In the past 11 years we have produced two major food/travel magazines…assigning articles, directing photography shoots, choosing props, writing articles and ads, producing ads and producing travel pieces. We have also acted as food editor to similar magazines.All on budget and all with only a minimal staff. Our use of free-lancers in Vancouver and elsewhere enables us to manage a project more efficiently.

Editorial Food Photography

Editorial Food Photography is about creating an entire food experience, from the location in which the food is enjoyed, to the environment in which the food is gathered, prepared, and served.

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