Jan Peskett

jan-peskettJan was born in Plymouth, England.She majored in administrative dietetics at the University of British Columbia, graduating with a B.H.E. in 1965 and completed her dietetic internship (R.P.Dt.) in the following year at Eaton’s and St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto.

From 1966 to 1979, Jan was Consumer Relations Manager for one of Canada’s largest food companies- Nabob Foods Limited. During those 13 years, she acted as a resource person for the marketing managers- creating consumer premium programs; testing all the new products during the development period; creating recipes for packages and brochures; traveling across the country doing T.V., radio and newspaper interviews to promote Nabob’s product lines. Jan handled all the consumer mail and phone enquiries from across Canada and spoke to about 3000 consumers a month through letters, phone calls and speeches.

In 1979 Jan left Nabob to start J.M.P. Marketing Services Limited – a consumer marketing assistance company. In the years since, J.M.P. has expanded to incorporate many of the skills Jan learned at Nabob … all based on a thorough understanding and knowledge of consumers and their attitudes.

Through her second company, Creative Consumer Contact, Jan continues to work with the media, to design marketing programs for her clients, to moderate focus groups, to test new products, to write and edit food editorial and to create and photograph mouth-watering recipes.

In between work assignments, Jan had found time to co-found the B.C. Home Economics Association, co-author a cookbook (“Cooking The Metric Way”) , teach numerous night school and university classes, and she became an active member of the B.C. Chapter of the American Marketing Association. Her participation in the A.M.A. was in the form of Board Membership for 5 years- and serving as President of the Chapter in the final year. For many years she was also a member of the I.A.C.P., attending conventions, workshops and master classes – learning from renowned chefs such as Raymond Blanc, Jacques Pepin, Julia Child and Andreas Viestad.