Contests & Fulfillment

Contest Handling

Contests are fun, easy and create lots of interest in your product or service. But when they go wrong, you’ll wish you never thought of the idea in the first place! That’s why you need our handling services – to provide your company with an independent judging organization to write the rules and regulations, provide a PO box or website entry, make the draw, arrange the prizes, produce the Waivers of Liability, the Publicity Releases and create the required skill-testing question. That way you and your company are protected at all times – from bad publicity and irate customers. There is a knack to producing a successful contest…and a legal one. We have that knack.


Like contests, write-in offers are popular with consumers and marketing managers alike. As with contests, when they go wrong they are a nightmare! So give us the job…we’ll warehouse the products, create the computer reporting program you need, package and ship the goods and provide you with a monthly itemized report. We can even run a dedicated 1-800 phone number to deal with inquiries and exchanges. And we don’t charge the earth!